The Band Tee Baby Manifesto

I love wearing vintage band tees – the kind that make you wonder what debaucheries they’ve lain witness to in their previous lives. They are what I feel the most myself in, and much like the way I felt about Lycra gauchos in 4th grade, I just can’t seem to get enough.

I have always been one to place exceptional value on the things that I feel passionate about. With every fiber of my being, I believe in the gritty process of discovering things that are important to you and holding on to them tightly. I believe in the importance of being authentic to oneself within that process. I believe that our interests are extensions of ourselves and should be celebrated.

With this in mind, Band Tee Baby is for people who can find the thrill in experiencing art, scouring for undiscovered artists, staring at their pores, and discovering themselves further. This is dedicated to those who are passionate about film, art, beauty, music, and life itself. Let’s be proud of the things that inspire us.

Let’s band together, baby.